A Basic White Girl Update

A Basic White Girl Update

Sooooo the dog is barking right now.

Tonight I had a good, solid, basic white girl night. I’m so excited that I learned that term, by the way. Because now I finally feel like something.

Daniel is out of town for the weekend, and so I decided to look up (very, very easy) pumpkin recipes. I turned on some Taylor Swift Pandora while I was cooking my pumpkin pancakes with pecan maple syrup and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I also had a ginger ale with vanilla syrup added, though I’m not sure if that’s relevant.

It wasn’t until “Let it Go” came on that I realized how entirely basic I am.

Myles is still barking. He started freaking out when we heard the neighbor talking about the Blackhawks. It’s ok, Myles, I freak out when I hear about the Blackhawks, too.

Oh hey, I’m most likely moving out of the country soon! The ink isn’t entirely dry yet, so I can’t really talk too much about where and when, but it will be within the next year. I’d love to give a more thorough update on all of that, but given the nature of the adventure, I gotta stay shut. You can just pretend I’m a mega spy and I can’t reveal my plan or I’ll put the whole country at risk.

Also, I (finally) got a new computer! I’ve been teaching myself a couple new design programs and, with the always incredible help of Goliath, I’ve managed to get Red Pointe Shoe set up so I can start updating from over here instead of my old blogbook. That four-year-old, beat up piece of plastic that now doesn’t have audio and is also covered in stickers took me on a lot of adventures through college and beyond, and while I don’t have any intentions of retiring it completely any time soon, it was time to get a new machine.

And now here we are.

Myles isn’t barking anymore.

I promise I’m gonna try to update RPS more. I’m also spending a lot of time lately figuring out some new coding stuff. We’re gonna get sexy all up in this junk.


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