Hello! Thank you for stopping by. I’m Liz and I’m fairly standard. I do not understand Pinterest. Puppies are my friends.

I started this blog in January 2011 the first time I moved across the country. Its deep depths of digital memory contain rants, reflections, whines, jokes, and unwarranted references to my love life. Some of it is embarrassing. Dear Me: Sorry. Love, Me.

Thanks times a million for choosing to stalk me instead of working on that spreadsheet.

I wish you all the lattes and none of the credit card bills.

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Like what you see? You can start a blog, too! Over the years I have found a number of extremely helpful design resources and it would be greedy to keep them from you. I have no money and you know that means everything listed below is free.

  • Coolors is a fantastic website which I use for developing color palettes.
  • W3 Schools is one of the best resurces out there for basic web design lessons. I still use it today as a reference.
  • Stack Overlow has answers to all of your complicated design questions.
  • Lubith is the absolute place you need to start if you want to build your own WordPress theme.
  • Canva is your friend for elegant, professional looking graphics that you make yourself.

I’m for Hire!

Got a web project or need some copy? Let me help! Shoot me an email at liz@redpointeshoe.com and we’ll talk shop. I’m good for WordPress, general web design, photography, and writing.

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