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I Need Another Favor From You.

September 5, 2017

I know, I’m asking a lot. But think of it as being a part of the solution! Yay solutions!

In the last post (Selling Out) I asked you beauties to tell me what ad was popping up for you in my fancy new sellout sponsored spot. You did not disappoint. Thank you.

But, like any true hero, you are useless if you are not needed. And I need you to be a hero again.

I need feedback. And you, dear internet, are particularly good at feedback.

So here’s the thing, and just remember that this is a no judging zone. I just integrated a wonderful little signup form in an effort to allow readers an easy way to sign up for RPS email updates. You may have noticed it. You may already be irritated with it. I’m sorry.

It’s a pop up.

But look, this isn’t the early 2000’s anymore and pop ups are significantly less scary than they used to be.

I need you to tell me your feelings about the pop up. Is it annoying? Did it work? Could you exit out of it easier than waving a bee away? Did you have the same exit issue from mobile that I did (I had to zoom in super closer to push the X)?

If it didn’t pop up for you, have no fear. You’ll be harassed soon enough. It’s supposed to appear after scrolling halfway through the page and I *think* only on one page per visit. If this isn’t the case for your experience I’d love to know what happened.

You may not be the hero I deserve, but you’re the hero I need.

Let me know if you hate it.


P.S. I didn’t have any heroic pictures around so here’s me and the nephews as pirates who carry power drills