My Secret Mission in DC: Day 1

My Secret Mission in DC: Day 1

Operation: Shake POTUS’s Hand began today. My instructions were to take a 5am flight from Montgomery to North Carolina, then from NC to Boston, then from Boston to DC. Upon arrival I was to find the person in the green shirt. Green Shirt Person would give me my Metro Card and a map to my hostel, and it was up to me to brave the city and attempt to not get distracted by all the cool things between the airport and my destination.

I was flown here for a week of job training before I start my job with AmeriCorps. I am going to pretend that actually I’m a secret agent on an uber secret mission. Because this is highly dangerous and life-threatening (it is AmeriCorps, afterall), I can only tell you so much. Here’s what you are authorized to know: I am going to find Barack Obama and shake his hand. My goal is to complete my mission with photo documentation of my accomplishment.

After checking in with my superiors, I was given a per diem meal card and was told that the evening was mine. Most other secret agents lingered around making small talk and getting to know each other, but not me. I was not going to waste anytime. I needed to find Barack.

After a quick purchase of shampoo and toothpaste (gotta be clean if you’re gonna meet el presidente), I began my search. I figured his house would be a first good place to start. I didn’t actually know where the White House was, so I went to Starbucks instead. I charged the purchase to my per diem meal card. Ya can’t find the president if you don’t have a pumpkin spice latte in your system, I always say.

It turns out my Internal Starbucks Spidey Senses line up pretty closely with my Internal White House Spidey Senses, because I turned the corner and BOOM. There it was. I’m a really good secret agent.

The boulevard in front of the Obama family’s estate is currently blocked off in preparation for the Inauguration, so I was able to stroll the whole street without fear of being run over. I kept my eyes peeled for Mr. Obama.

Much to the security guard’s amusement (he’s just a petty White House security guard…I’m a secret AmeriCorps agent), I sat down in front of Barack’s house to eat my Starbucks dinner and drink my latte.

I repeat: I ate dinner in front of the White House. Cool, huh?

At the conclusion of my stakeout Mr. Obama was still not located, but I was pretty sure I saw a young, black girl walk past a window. Let’s assume this is Sasha Obama.

Satisfied with seeing Sasha, I realized that it was possible I would need to catch each Obama one by one until Big Daddy is located. I closed up shop and headed back to the hostel, where I currently sit typing this.

Have no fear; my quest will continue for another 6 days. We’ll find Obama before the week is out.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes Secret Agent AmeriCorps training until 7pm(ish), then I will be let loose to continue my hunt for Mr. President. I would tell you where I am going to search for him tomorrow evening, but then I’d have to kill you.

Secret Agent Kizy Lurtz over and out.


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