My Secret Mission in DC: Days 2 & 3

My Secret Mission in DC: Days 2 & 3

The search for the Commander-in-Chief continues. Sasha is the only Obama located so far and I will not rest until at least the male Obama has been located and a picture of me has been taken with that handsome devil.

Over the past few days I have attended Secret Agent AmeriCorps training by day and hunted for El Presidente by night. The following locations have been ruled out for Presidential hideout spots:

  • all of the Starbuckses in DC
  • the Lincoln Memorial
  • the Washington Monument
  • the bar a few blocks from the Washington Monument (we thoroughly check this one)
  • the MLK Memorial
  • the WWII Memorial
  • most of the Smithsonian’s
  • the Episcopal church where Secret Agent training is being held
  • under my bed

Tomorrow, the hunt continues. We have the entire afternoon off, which allows me lots of time to double check the Starbuckses and maybe see the other Smithsonians.

Secret Agent Kizy Lurtz over and out.


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