I need to wash my eyeballs out with soap.

A local frat hosted a party. There were strippers. I’ve been to a male strip club before and it was probably one of the best party nights of my life: classy, sexy, meaty dudes with choreographed dances wearing not a whole lot of anything. They each had the clothing equivelant of roughly one sock on (you know what I mean…).

I was expecting something equally as classy from the three professional female strippers that were at this frat party.

Yeah…no. Upon arrival all three of the young women were already completely naked…except for their high heels…and rolling around on the living room floor doing things to eachother that I don’t feel like I need to type out for you. Just use your imagination, then multiply the dirtiness factor by four.

They were making their fathers proud by engaging in the oldest female profession in history.

I think I’m going to need to make another Canadian coffee run to make up for this.


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