I did a lot of bad things.

My landlady has yet to install our washer/dryer, leaving the 9 of us to get creative with ways to wash our clothes at little to no cost.

Yesterday I drove to campus and parked in the 15-minute visitor zone, snuck like a ninja to the dorms and threw a load in the wash, then went to dinner with Zach at the on-campus buffet.

As we were leaving we decided we wanted to take some really delicious-looking buns with us to go. Zach’s backpack was full, and my pockets were too small. The solution was obviously to stuff the two buns down my sweater.

Walking out to my car to drop off my temporary boobs before I rotated the laundry, I noticed Mr. Policeman sticking a loveletter underneath my windshield wiper. Aww, for me?

This may (or may not) come as a surprise to you…but I have dealt with traffic cops before and knew that it wasn’t worth spilling my latte to run over to talk him out of it. I let him finish up and calmy walked up to him while feeling extra confident with the buns stuffed down my sweater.

Apparently I not only took more than 15 minutes to do laundry and eat (guilty as charged), but Potsdam also has a rule about parking anywhere without a permit. Excuse me? Where the poop are the visitors supposed to park without getting dinged $15? Wait, aren’t you the same police officer who arrested my roommates for smoking pot in their dorm last semester? You are! Good work, sir. They deserved it.

Mr. Policeman only wrote me up for one of my two offenses (he wrote me up for parking for 45 mins and ignored not having a valid parking permit). I went home, pouted, then got back in my car and drove to campus to pay my ticket and buy a parking permit. I wrote Mr. Policeman a loveletter back to him that read: “Please don’t ticket me again! I am paying off the one you just gave me and buying a parking permit right now!”

So I walk upto the University Police window, ready to pay my ticket of shame, and my friend behind the counter hooks me up with a temporary pass to park anywhere on campus for two weeks, and says to come back when it expires and she’ll write me another one. Um…score.

My day was really bad. But then it got really good.

I (illegally) got my laundry done.
I stole buns.
I had boobs.
I got out of paying for a parking permit.

It took us 6 days, but Mrs. Potts and I have finally bonded over our first parking ticket <3 [liz]

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