Operation: Impromptu Candadian Coffee was a success!

For those of you who were not tracking my life yesterday afternoon, I posted the distance to the nearest Starbucks on my Facebook and asked if anyone wanted to go (the only requirement being the ownership of a valid passport). I didn’t know I’d get a carfull of people by that evening, and at 8:30pm we departed for magical coffeeland!

I found it odd that for some reason, no one in the car asked me if I had printed out directions and they all trusted the Californian to get us across the Canadian border and to Coffeeland without issue.

Hehe. Mission accomplished. We got across the border without any major events and made it to Starbucks just ten minutes before it closed. And we only found ourselves headed in the wrong direction for 5 minutes. I consider this a victory for Californians and caffeinists everywhere.


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