Look what I did!

Do you see it? That little icon () wasn’t there before, and now it is! Now when you go to your favorites list and click on my site your eyeballs will be so much happier.

*If you’re using Internet Explorer or any other lame internet browser, you won’t be able to see it. Get rid of your viruses, view these neat icons on every website you visit, and be a cool kid by downloading any other browser right now.

Question for the general public that doesn’t have anything to do with fancy icons that I’m all-too-excited about: what blogs do you visit regularly? I want to get into reading some more blogs in my downtime and the celebrity section on Yahoo just isn’t doing it for me. Although I can brag that I am usually among the first of my friends to know every time one of the Kardashians sneezes or that I even know what a Kardashian is, I would really like to get into some more…intellectual, shall we say?…reading material. Write me a comment, shoot me an email, or send me an owl with whatever sites it is you like to visit most.

I’ll even make the first move: my favorite blog to read (and the only blog I read, really) is The Oatmeal. He doesn’t post as regularly as I do and none of his posts have to with what he did that day, but rather they’re more like well-thought out cartoons and ideas which he feels he needs to share with the world. This blog is his full time job, so he puts a lot of effort into it. It’s quite funny and mindless, if you’re looking for a virtual place you can turn your brain off for a while in exchange for mild entertainment.

And finally, my last thought for today: I’m closing down Red Pointe Shoe. Ha, April Fools.

(but not foolin’ about how I want you to send me your favorite blogs…)


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