The coolest way to spend your Friday night if you’re a very attractive and charismatic twenty-year-old female (like myself) is to sit in your boyfriends dorm room, by yourself, and watch Netflix. And by that I mean: Zach is out of town, my homies aren’t answering their cellphones, and Netflix is my only true friend.

Fun update on my living situation for next year: someone backed out of living in the house with us so now we’re one person short, leaving us scrambling to find another person. I’m only minorly no wait majorly upset that my friend backed out and has decided not to come up with a replacement person for us.

My future housemates are currently advocating for one guy who wants to live with us whose nickname is “Penis Jordan.” I hope you all know me well enough to know where I stand on the issue of letting someone with genitalia in their name live in a house with me.

That being said, if you are a Potsdam student looking for a place to live next semester, my email is kurtzeg194@potsdam.edu. I only have two requirements:

  • Must be okay with occasional shenanigans and ruckus
  • Must not have a nickname with any reference to your private parts in it

The moral of this blog post is: I’m a lonely hag who has no friends and is too old fashioned to let Penises live with me.

But more importantly, have you heard of the tacocopter? It’s an unmanned flying machine that delivers tacos to you from the Mexican gods in heaven above after you simply punch in a request and your GPS coordinates from your smartphone. Minutes later, voila: tacos from heaven. Before today, I never found much utility in smartphones. Consider my stance on them to officially have changed.

photo courtesy of giantfreakingrobot.com


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