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Religion: Part 2

February 16, 2013

Written in response to Feb 15‘s post.

Woah, lots of response from the religion post! Eh, I guess I knew that was coming. A few more thoughts on the topic:

-Not all non-religious people are ignorant. Those that think critically about religion and decide it’s not for them are fabulous. Hey, I am one of them. So are Zach and Taylor, who didn’t like my last post. They can actually hold a conversation about why religion isn’t for them.

-Not all religious people are smart. My point was that they aren’t all dumb, either. Being religious is not a sign of unintelligence. Assuming they’re all unintelligent is a sweeping generalization and while a lot of religious people can be stupid, not all are. Most young people need to be careful when they assume a person is less intelligent when they find out they are a Christian.

-When I refer to “religion,” I’m generally referring to Christianity. I can’t say I know enough about other religions to make a blog post about them.

-Did any of you even see my last status update? I suggested that rich people stop donating to churches and start donating to non-profits that fight poverty. I don’t hate churches, and I don’t think they’re necessary either. Again: the point of the previous post was to say that us youngins need to be a bit nicer.

One final thought: I’m not talking about nut jobs like the Westboro Baptist Church or homophobes. I’m not talking about the person who goes to church because it was their parents’ place of worship and they don’t give one thought about why they are there. These people, in my opinion, are so out of whack that a rant on them would be far too easy.

I don’t know which religious viewpoint describes my attitude. I’m not a Christian, an agnostic, or an atheist. I like Buddhism, but not all of it. I might be Taylorswiftarian.