How Funemployment is Treating Me

How Funemployment is Treating Me

Captains Log. Day 67 of Funemployment.

I have lived in Austin for almost exactly one month now and I’m still unemployed, which makes paying for my expensive caffeine habit rather difficult. I’ve decided to sacrifice paying for things like shampoo and food so I can get my overpriced ventilighticevanillafrankenlattes.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been juggling the job application process with the grad school application process, and I now need to add the Peace Corps application process to that mix. My deadline is March 1st.

Contrary to popular belief, I’ve been doing more than just sleeping in until noon and spending my days in various coffee shops playing Candy Crush. In addition to that, I’ve also been applying for jobs, going to interviews, studying for the GRE, taking the GRE (and getting ridiculously good scores on it…this counts as justifiable bragging, right?), applying to grad school, redesigning Red Pointe Shoe, and now applying to the Peace Corps.

I managed to score in the 93rd percentile in the argument essays on the GRE, as well as make it to the 347th level of Candy Crush. If this doesn’t scream versatility to an employer, I don’t know what does. I’m thinking about putting my Current Candy Crush (“CCC”) level on my resume.

Elizabeth Kurtz
B.A. in Politics
GRE Score: Super Smart
CCC Level: 347

The job interviews are getting rather exhausting. It is incredibly discouraging to regularly put on my “nice” clothes, brag about how wonderful I am, and get turned down over and over and over and over again. I’ve even been told I was over qualified for a position, which is stupid.

But the march goes on! I have a caffeine addiction to feed and adventures to go on, and I know enough about myself to know that I will continue to drink lattes and travel afar even when the money is completely gone, and I should probably avoid that.

Until next time, cadets.


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4 replies to “How Funemployment is Treating Me

  1. Dad

    I know it is hard and discouraging and I also know you will prevail.

  2. Nancy S.

    Okay, it took my kid YEARS of discouragement, disparagement, and just plain ol’ disrespect to get his dreams realized. You WILL prevail. It’s not easy, fun, or even entertaining. Nevertheless, you can write like a house afire, are super-smart, and can cadge the birds from the trees. Steady on. We love you.

  3. the neighbor

    You just haven’t applied for the right job I guess. I will say a prayer for you…..keep pluggin along.

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