I know something you don’t know.

I am graduating college with a BA in Politics this December with only the slightest idea of what I want to do next. All I have known about the next step is that I will not go back to Southern California and I have no plans of settling in upstate New York. 99% of the world is left unexplored by me. The galaxy is my oyster, and the dust of my next life move is only just now starting to settle.

To those of you waiting for me to announce where I am going next: my plans are on the horizon. They are only at the birth of their formation and essential arrangements have not yet been made. I will probably announce sometime in the next few weeks which corner of the world you can find me in January, but until I know for sure that I have a place to stay and a job to do, we’re gonna have to keep it secret squirrel for a little while longer.

To my California homies: I love you and miss you, but I’m not ready to go back.

And my New York partners in crime: you guys are pretty rad too, but staying here is not a decision I’m prepared to make.

I can’t yet make the announcement on here, but for now I’m gonna go ahead and say one thing:

I’m so excited I could poo my pants!


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