There’s a new woman in my life. She loves me and I love her. Her name is Mrs. Potts, and we plan to live a very long, happy life together.

Mrs. Potts just arrived in Potsdam a couple of days ago. She was chauffeured by my dad from Los Angeles, California and dropped off in my driveway with the utmost anticipation of meeting me. I no longer have to go on my adventures alone anymore; Mrs. Potts has the same spirit as I do and we have many plans of travelling afar together.

Mrs. Potts was escorted here by her cousin Suzie, who was driven here by my mom and sister.

Mom, Dad, Becca, Suzie, Mrs. Potts, and I have spent several days together checking out the North Country of New York and enjoying each others’ company. Mom, Dad, Becca, and Suzie are departing in a few days, leaving Mrs. Potts and I to ourselves and our adventures.

Thanks to this graduation present from my parents, my life is pretty darn wonderful.

Filling up her first tank.


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