It’s the end of the world. Another pair of flip flops broke today. As per usual, I wore them through and this time the strap completely broke off. RIP the flip flops with bottle-openers on the bottom.

No worries – I ran home during lunch (with one shoe on?) and grabbed a pair of sexy boots that will make every student and professor go “oh la la someone please get me her digits.” I am already looking forward to the pain my feet will be in at the end of the day. Who wants to give me a foot massage tonight at 9pm in exchange for free drugs?

Do you ever look at some young adults and think to yourself: you need a fucking hair cut, you need to buy pants that fit (that aren’t basketball shorts), and the graphic on that t-shirt is too inappropriate for class. Why are some people even in college? I’m people-watching in the library right now and I’m completely dumbfounded at what some students wear to class.

Everyone should wear killer boots like me instead.


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