With the world’s greatest puppy snoozing to my right, a latte next to my keyboard, and Andrew playing video games on the other side of the coffee table, the scene is familiar as the pace of life has changed dramatically over the past few weeks.

I’ve taken a few weeks off from work in the wake of COVID-19, but concerns about a dwindling bank account are signaling to me that it’s time to go back, despite my best efforts to move on to a career-focused job in the middle of all this chaos. Not surprisingly, I haven’t made any significant progress on that front. My first day back at the restaurant will be this Saturday.

The hiatus has been extremely comfortable. I’ve gotten in a rhythm with my running schedule and I’ve made great strides across various projects, especially those involving web design. I even picked up embroidery again last night and am eager to gift the new design to a friend. I’m basking in the peopleless-ness and enjoying getting to be more selective with who I spend my time. While there are many folks I miss, and many activities I miss doing, I can’t say that social distancing has been entirely all that terrible.

I’m reminded of when I zipped off to Paris for a month just because. It was heavenly to spend my days on my own schedule, taking things in at whatever cadence I wanted to that day. That month didn’t look all that different from the past few weeks. It was filled with hours of furious typing, or reading in cafes, or strolling through city streets, or otherwise wallowing in all the beauty of life at a snail’s pace and postponing making important decisions a little while longer.


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