Space-Time Continuum, by Alyssa Bostrom

Space-Time Continuum, by Alyssa Bostrom

There is some truth to the idea of an alternate reality like in Back to the Future. You are going along in your life in a line and so is every other individual, they have their own line they follow. We all have our lives. And then you meet someone, have an interaction and your 2 lines intertwine. This happens every day. And a new reality begins. One with the acknowledgement of an existence for this person you encounter. And your life will never be the same.

I never really thought about this until I got to college and now that I have entered the “real world” I only count it to be even more true. Because before that my hometown, my state, my bubble was all I knew and my world was so small. But now it’s growing and I realize I am only one person, one small part and even though my life won’t be the same as it was before, as I create bonds with more people and experience more new places, I realize the world continues. Life goes on. And what you begin to realize is that no one is really that different from you. We are all just trying to survive, to have a purpose.

Alyssas Bostrom cares, and she cares a lot. She is a real life superhero who’s powers include out-of-this world hammer-swinging to benefit low-income homeowners. I am lucky to know her.

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