So I woke up this morning at 8:59am but ohmygod I had a midterm at 9 so I put on my pants and ran to class don’t worry it wasn’t snowing it was actually quite nice and then I took the exam and was like the third person to turn it in and I got an 83% on it which is really really great because last year I had a very similar class almost identical really by the same professor and I got like a 55% on the midterm so that’s why I’m super stoked. Oh and I just got the grade back for a literature review I wrote up and I got a 99% on it. Woohoo!


Oh AND I just booked my hostel reservations for spring break. I will be spending Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights in CHICAGO.

I know, life is hard when you’re me.

I’m practically spending all of my money to get there though so I will probably be a little bit broke (more broke than usual) for a while…


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