I’ve outdone myself again, folks. I’m amazing, I really am.

RPS, as you (hopefully) noticed, has gotten even prettier. I mean, it was wonderful before, but now it’s even wonderfuller.

I drove to Canada today to get myself a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (yeah, it’s always fun trying to convince border patrol that the only reason you’re crossing over is to get a latte, especially when you’re in New York and your car has California plates…). I brought all my textbooks with me. I guess I had this crazy idea that I’d hunker down and get most of my homework done for the week, as well as make considerable progress on my senior project.

…nope. Once again, my love for my own blog has trumped my desire to be a good student. I’ve been here roughly two hours and the only thing I have to prove it is the excess of caffeine pumping though my blood and this beautiful new layout.

The older posts from August/September have temporarily gone away, but don’t worry – they’ll be back in the backlog section sometime in the near future. Or maybe I’ll do my homework in the near future and the posts will be back in the far future.

A really cool feature that I’m more than excited about is that each post is now featured on it’s own page. Each title is now a hyperlink that you can link to from your FaceBook or send to your homies on that ancient thing called email.

Cool, huh?

I’ve also got a shiny new “Support” page on the way that will let you know the best ways for you to help out to make sure this pretty corner of the internet keeps going strong.

Let me know what you think of the makeover in the comments section, or write me a post to the Facebook page!


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