I Needed to Do This Today

I Needed to Do This Today

This week’s highlights include a 6-day work week of nothing but 14-hour days, the birth of my ridiculously good-looking nephew, and the decision to finally remove the toxic people from my life.

Sometimes, I just need to disappear for a little while.

Sometimes, I just need to fill up Mrs. Potts with a full tank, roll the windows down, turn off my cell phone, and hit the road.

I tell you, nothing makes me feel better than getting another state ahead of Ben Kurtz. Here I sit, in Pensacola, Florida, staring at the water and sipping an iced venti dirty chai latte.

I’ve turned on my phone only a couple of times since I left Montgomery this morning. The only interactions I’ve had via my phone today have been telling Ben I got another state ahead of him and responding to a couple of flirty texts from a good friend who has been out of town (I don’t care what you say, you’ve been flirting with me, and we are going on a date soon).

Disappearing is the only way I can think clearly. I woke up this morning on my futon, still wearing last night’s clothes. I brushed my teeth, straightened my pony tail, filled up the gas tank, and hit the road. I wasn’t planning on it when I went to bed last night. Several hours later, I found myself here. On the beach. With not a familiar soul around.

And I’ve been asking myself:

Would I want my sister getting involved with the same people I have been involved with?
Would I want James to look up to an aunt who makes some of the decisions I have been making?

Reflection is the best – wouldn’t you agree? Here’s to finally letting go of what needs to be removed from my life.

Eventually I need to drive back to Montgomery and therefore un-disappear. Eh….I’m not ready yet.

You know, sometimes it takes a person with whom you are close to get really crazy for you to realize they are crazy at all.

I don’t feel like un-disappearing. All I need is a margarita to make this afternoon complete. I am perfectly comfortable being a traveller the rest of my life.

Now will somebody please get me a Corona?


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