Today I Picked Up a Hitchhiker

Today I Picked Up a Hitchhiker

I just dropped off Mike, an interesting little hitchiker, at his sister’s house in Norwood.

Mike is most likely somewhere in his 60’s. He has lived in the North Country his whole life. He has never owned a car and has never had a drivers license.

He gets to where he needs to go by sticking out his thumb.

His greatest adventure was a few years ago when he went to North Dakota. He rode with his family. The trip was for his brother’s funeral.

One time he had to walk 23 miles because he could not get a ride. The only person that pulled over to talk to him was a police officer.

Another time a 17-year-old in a truck stopped to pick up Mike. He wanted Mike to buy him cigarettes and said he would not give him a ride unless Mike complied. Mike told him to take his truck and stick it, and the kid drove off.

Mike is spending Thanksgiving with his sister. When I dropped him off there were kids playing in the yard who seemed happy to see him.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mike.


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