Rossi, Angels, and Sin

Rossi, Angels, and Sin

Pupdate time! The newest addition to my life is a 1-year-old beagle named Special Agent Valentino Rossi, aka “Rossi.” With the departure of Zach from my life, this guy has been a more-than-perfect sleeping buddy and hyperactive partner-in-crime.

Rossi and I both found ourselves in Los Angeles within a day of each other. I landed on Sunday night and have had some very…unexpected… reverse culture shock. Traveling from a cableless, internetless, house in a rural village to a suburb outside the City of Angels is always a bit overwhelming. In short, the materialism prevalent in all these godforsaken advertisements is driving me batshit crazy. The awfulness of Los Angeles: next potential blog post?

Oh hey, guess what? I graduated college. But more on this later 😉

It is a bad thing that final grades came out just before I take off to Vegas for the weekend. I passed all of my classes, with a perfect score on my senior project. Cheers to me! Time to head over to Sin City with some irresponsible friends and do everything in my power to have a fabulous time raising money for my latest driving infraction while avoiding an arrest. It’s a rough life I lead…


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