Reminiscing on a More Captivating Internet

Reminiscing on a More Captivating Internet

How often do you get lost down the internet rabbit hole? Are you down it right now? When was the last time you stood up and pat your goofy pup on the head? Take a moment and do a check. Resume reading only after you’re sure you’ve had some fresh air recently.

I’m sitting here in a big empty house that isn’t mine and drinking an Orpheus Tart Plum Saison (and yes, it does taste like its main ingredients are angel tears and unicorn sweat, thank you for asking). My core friends are out of town and I’ve abused my bank account enough lately, so I’ve excused myself from a social life tonight in exchange for watching crappy television and clicking around on my phone. By the way, Mr. Big is a certified asshole and Carrie is kinda a lousy person too. #teamaiden

I am always on the hunt for quality internet entertainment. I especially love blogs and comics, or even better are hybrid comic blogs.

What? Hybrid comic blogs? You need examples. I swear you know what I’m talking about. The top three I have ever known are The Oatmeal, Hyperbole and a Half, and Tender Nuggets. If I had an ounce of creative ability or was at least a better story teller, I’d love to have a go at creating what these internet geniuses have done. But until then I’ll remain an avid reader.

Unfortunately, of those three aforementioned blogs, two of them do not create anymore and the third, The Oatmeal, does not generate new content often.

And so I am left finding new things by clicking on what you beautiful people are sharing to your social media, but the clickbaity stuff isn’t doing it for me. Occasionally I find an author who is witty and offers a fun perspective (Body for Wife), but the ads on all of the new blogs I’m finding are becoming more and more distracting. They’re starting to show up in the middle of paragraphs. Wanna know how much I’ve made since I tucked that one into the sidebar a few weeks ago? An estimated $2 so far. Literally 200 pennies. How much are those people making who embed one every fifty words? Surely I’m not the only one clicking out.

I’ve also found a lot of short, relatable, adorable, sharable comics. No blogs, just Instagrammable illustrations (Catana). I love that kinda stuff and I beg you to send other illustrators my way. I’m left wanting more, however, because I can zip through them quickly and mindlessly. There’s no story, no rant, no interesting perspective. Just a comic that takes a half second to absorb before I’m onto the next.

It’s hard for me to find new internet stuff. I want storytellers and silliness and captivating content, but I’m saturated with “11 Guys You Should Never Tickle – Number 7 Will SHOCK You!” Can we make a pact to stop promoting that garbage? I’m beginning to feel like the only one who writes solely to share my perspective with anyone who’s willing to risk the click.

What have you found that’s awesome? For the sake of my broke and bored Saturday nights, I simply must get on their newsletter.


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