Montgomery Mondays: April 22, 2013

Montgomery Mondays: April 22, 2013

Montgomery Mondays serve as my attempt to document the sights of Montgomery that I see every day. I want to bring to light the conditions of the forgotten neighborhoods in the birthplace of the civil rights movement. To find out more about Montgomery Mondays, please click here.

This week’s theme:
Forgotten Storefronts

I suppose “forgotten” might not be the best descriptor of these storefronts.

Several of them are still in use.

I won’t bother telling you which ones.

…because I am uncertain of a few of them.

It seems as if someone just left these buildings here.

Surely, somebody must be paying the taxes on the property.

The city, maybe?

Then again, would any city just let these buildings sit like this?

As I said, some of these buildings are still in use.

Don’t the owners have enough money to fix them up?

Can they even see what I see?

Am I being too snobby? Am I too used to my shiny Starbucks and my glistening Barnes and Nobles?

Is it unfair to compare these structures to those I see in middle class suburbia?


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