July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013

I recently bitched that you guys only ever read my blogs when I write about something off the wall. I said you’re never interested in how my day went.

You all were quick to point out that I pretty much never write about how my day went. Touché. You guys are smart cookies.

THIS IS A TEST. Read the whole thing. Like it. Love it. Share it with your friends. Your cat. Your mom. Your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

If I don’t get an overwhelmingly positive response from this, I will be quietly content knowing that I was right to proclaim that you all only wanna read things that will get a reaction from you. Trust me, I paid tens of thousands of dollars on a degree that studies how to manipulate people. I know what makes you click into a post.

But, fine, here’s my “this is how my day went” post.

Warning: I did not put any pictures in this post. I apologize to those who can’t read. I literally could not find any good ones for it. THAT’S how boring my day went.

I woke up late-ish. My coworker and closest amigo in town, Alaina, is no longer here. Her last day in Montgomery, forever, was this past Friday. We used to carpool together, and now that she’s gone for good I literally have no motivation to get to work before 9:30.

I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet and my life is already sad. I hate you, Alaina. You somehow ended up on every. Single. Date. I’ve been on since I’ve been out here. Seriously, how about a little privacy? Sheesh. And now that you’re gone, I suppose I’m just gonna expect to just go out with a person without the expectation that you’ll somehow appear? What is wrong with you?

Ok, time to get out of bed. Do I have time to shower? To heck with a shower. I showered yesterday afternoon I think. That’s close enough.

On my way to work my mind wandered the same way it does every morning. Christ, I’m tired. I need a latte. DON’T DO IT YOU HAVE NO MONEY. But if you don’t you won’t be productive all morning… Buy the damn latte! It’s for the good of the organization!

After cashing in my fully-stamped frequent-buyer card in exchange for a free latte, and feeling good about myself for not purchasing any food from the adorable little cafe next to my office building, I went to work.

Hello, work. Hello, cubicle. Hello, empty cubicle where Alaina used to sit. I hate you, Alaina. Come back.

Work time. Work was worky. Two webinars and a meeting with our web design master so he could make me an administrator on our website because yes I know what I’m doing with HTML.

Lunch at 2pm. Expired tortilla, non-expired cheese, two-day old guacamole, all cooked together for one semi-expired quesadilla of goodness.

Back to work. Boring, office-y stuff. Frequent Facebook breaks. Highly productive afternoon because I did lots of work on the organization’s website.

In fact, you should go see our website and go “ooh la la, that Lizy is a stud muffin with web design.”

Left work at 5:30. What did I do? I forgot. It’s late and I’m sleepy.

Oh that’s right! Went to the hospital.

That got your attention, didn’t it?

Sparky’s roommate, Fili (weird names, don’t ask, just go with it) banged up his leg pretty bad so Sparky and I drove him to the hospital. I’m currently on Sparky’s couch stealing his internet while I’m waiting for the two to get back from the hospital. I think Fili will be ok. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I think he’ll live.

While waiting for Fili to finish up at the hospital, I stole Rebekah’s shoes so I can look extra slutty sexy for a wedding I’m attending in the great state of New York this weekend.

You heard right! I’m going to New York! BUT this post isn’t about my adventures; it’s about today’s festivities. No New York update for you. Expired quesadilla post instead. You asked for it.

Hamburger Helper for dinner.

And here I am.

That was painfully boring to write. I’m actually asleep right now as I finish up writing these last words.

The part about me being asleep right now as a lie. I have been known to cry, sing, dance, and pretend to be a pirate in my sleep. But I don’t think I’ve ever blogged in my sleep.

Alaina, websites, expired quesadillas, New York, hospital, Hamburger Helper, sleep.

Let me know how this went for you.



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4 replies to “July 10, 2013

  1. Timothy

    “To heck with a shower. I showered yesterday afternoon I think. That’s close enough.” Favorite line. 😛

  2. Alaina

    Meow! Translate that.

  3. Pat C

    I wonder how Alaina feels about being featured in a post you describe as “boring”? I’m sorry you’re missing your friend, co-worker and co-conspirator. And unless tortillas are moldy, they haven’t really expired, despite what the package says–esp. if you’re cooking them. Have fun at the wedding!

  4. The Neighbor

    I absolutely loved it….have fun at the wedding..

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