I Quit My Job (well, one of them)

I Quit My Job (well, one of them)

I did a grown up thing and quit my job. BE PROUD.

Training for a marathon takes up a lot of time and so does work and so does school. My work time is split across several different restaurants. I quit this particular job because the energy I was giving it was detracting from other, more important things. Two important bits of my life right now are completing this marathon and doing well in school. So there goes over half my income out the window, but at least now I have an extra thirty-five hours in my week. Which I’m evidently using to blog.

Money is important and so is not going bonkers. My credit card was (nearly) paid off but my sanity was waning. Something needed to change if I wanted reclaim my life. As it turns out, bartending at a barbecue joint was so not for me. My last day pouring beers and running chicken wings was the day before I flew out to Orlando to compete in the Star Wars Half Marathon. I got to run 13.1 miles with the freedom of knowing I was more unemployed than I was the day before.

Naturally, I’ll have to fill the financial void with something. My godlike charm and supermodel looks can only get me so far. I’m ok for now, since I still have my other jobs. But still, those student loans are only growing larger and I need to think about chipping away at them eventually. Here’s to making grown up life choices!

I seem to be in constant flux with how to make my life “work.” Should I focus more on income? Hobbies? Self improvement? The balancing act is fragile and it doesn’t take much to disrupt it. Life is about more than just living below your means – it’s about getting to where you want to go. It’s a pet peeve when I hear people complain about their situation without actively taking steps to change it. I love progress. We can move forward and change our lives if only we have the chutzpah to just do it. Sometimes that means quitting your job so you can instead train for a marathon and get a Masters degree.


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2 replies to “I Quit My Job (well, one of them)

  1. Val

    GURL I’m so proud! I’ve been meaning to quit my job for oh about a year now…still here. Hating every minute of it and dying little by little inside each day. New plan is that I’m quitting in 2 weeks…let’s hope I stick to that and be as brave as you!
    I’m not sure why we’re not friends, I feel like we’re kindred spirits.
    Keep going lady, you’re doing great!!

    • liz

      Yaasss! Don’t forget your celebratory post-quitting drink. That’s the most important part!

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