I’m Sorry if I Have Offended You (but I probably won’t stop)

I’m Sorry if I Have Offended You (but I probably won’t stop)

Yet again, someone has been upset at one of my posts because they either misunderstood it or do not know how to use Facebook.

Uncle Ted, who I actively try not to anger but some how do once every few months anyway, has accused me of using “nasty language” and posting “inappropriate content for a public forum.” He also said that I’m not the lady my mother raised me to be. What exactly was it that ticked him off so much, you ask?


Unfortunately, during the great migration of files from old blog posts, some data was lost, including whatever angsty photo I was referring to in this post.

…not exactly radical. Thanks to Karen, by the way, who respectfully said that my content on my Facebook, and particularly this image, is generally appropriate.

The best I can figure that pissed him off this time is that either:

a) he is referring to content found elsewhere on my profile, or
b) the title of the group I copied the image from has an F-bomb in it, which I have no control over.

I decided to delete Uncle Ted. This is not the first time he accused me of “not being a lady” on Facebook due to his misunderstanding of how Facebook works, and it is simply not worth the argument…which he always likes to do publically, for some reason, instead of sending me a private message respectfully saying I might want to consider changing my online behavior. A respectful message, actually, would be quite welcome – my dad does it all the time and I haven’t deleted him yet.

My point? I know I’m a whacky, young liberal. I know I say a lot of things that a lot of people probably don’t agree with. I also know that my experience going through a Christian elementary school was perfect and irreplacable, that some of the greatest support I receive comes from Christian folks, and that they are just as educated as I am but have come to different conclusions about how the world works…which is totally fine and totally respectable.

I’m not out to offend anybody and I’m truly sorry if I do. I’m not out to start arguments on my profile or anybody else’s (although I will on Mike McNews…by the way I still will not appologize to your friend who called me a college-educated dumbass).

If you don’t like my posts, hide them. If you think I may have said something offensive, send me a message and we’ll deal with it so I don’t step out of line anymore.

And if you still really really really want to get in a political talk with me through a comment war on one of my statuses: bring it. Be respectful of me and I will be of you. Don’t bring the Bible into any part of your argument, because you’re disrespecting my religious beliefs. If you think I’m not the lady my mom raised me to be, go tell her that she failed as a parent (mom, I don’t think you failed as a parent).

I still love you, Uncle Ted. I just don’t want to offend you anymore.


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