I’M BACK IN THE GUMP (and I haven’t slept yet!)

I’M BACK IN THE GUMP (and I haven’t slept yet!)

I don’t even know where to begin. I am sitting here, staring at my screen, knowing I owe myself and the world a log of the madness I’ve been going through the past two weeks, and I just don’t know which nutty part of my recent life to talk about first.

I’ve been back in Montgomery for two weeks now and life has only been picking up in pace with comparable speed to a runaway train. In the past week I’ve put in over sixty hours of work and simply haven’t had time to do anything, including updating RPS as well as getting an incredibly important batch of Peace Corps paperwork together. Next week’s schedule promises a minimum of seventy hours, plus doctor’s appointments to get vaccinated for Mali.

Twelve hours after getting here, I had orientation with 119 other servers for a new restaurant opening and haven’t stopped training since. I’ve also been hired on as a bartender at a different new restaurant, which is more than keeping me on my toes. The result is twelve hour work days and very little time to see Daniel (for the record, we’re still together; I’m not sure how the rumor that something bad was going on got started).

Our apartment is part of a 100-year-old house in the middle of our favorite neighborhood, but with its age comes many kinks. It took nearly a full two weeks and a few angry phone calls before our heater finally started working. Our dryer also didn’t work upon installation, and until a few days ago our options were to either air dry everything or shuttle our laundry over to friends’ houses to get it clean. A few other things are broken and we’re still living out of a few boxes, but the whole place is starting to look like an actual home and we’re beginning to feel a good bit more comfortable. Shout out to our parents who all provided a ridiculous amount of kitchen things for us!

Naturally, we miss Austin. But we’re so glad to be back in the Gump. Due to the fullness of my schedule we haven’t been able to get out and revisit all of our favorite spots yet, but we’ve luckily been able to see almost all of the familiar faces we know and love, and that has helped us so much to settle back in.

These days I’m stressed and a good deal worried about getting all of my documents for the Peace Corps in order, but all of the physical necessities (working toilet, stocked fridge, steady income) are being met, which is allowing me to only worry on getting that darn paperwork together. In a few weeks things will reach an equilibrium and life will start to feel more balanced.

Until then, the empty cans of Redbull in my backseat are multiplying like rabbits.


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