I Blog Because You Make Me

I Blog Because You Make Me

Blogging is a very arrogant thing to do. I used to think (and kinda still do) that only people who are totally full of themselves blog. Blogging is for the kind of people who take lots of selfies making dramatic faces in black and white or with bizarre filters from their webcam. Why would someone think that others would want to spend time reading a mediocre story about the things you did that day? And why would someone think that they’re qualified enough to make rants about whatever topic, and that others would want to read it?

Blogging, sometimes, is as dumb as Twitter. And Twitter is the dumbest.

But then I left everyone I knew and loved and uprooted, on my own, to a very new place. And people wanted to hear about it.

RPS was started 2.5 years ago when I moved from LA to a small village in upstate New York. Back then, the only purpose I had for blogging was to tell a small handful of people back home what I was up to. Just to, you know, keep Mom and Pat and Susan and whoever else posted on what was going on in my life.

I talked about the crazy weather, I talked about my daily adventures, and I talked about the new experiences I was having.

The answer to the “Why blog?” inquiry was very simple back then: because that was the best way to keep the important people back home informed on my life.

2.5 years later, I’ve moved again, and am on another adventure. Only this time, I have more than 3 loyal readers. Knowing that some 100+ people are going to read each post, the purpose of the blog has evolved into a bit more complex sort of relationship with my readers.

The 100 or so people that read each post almost all know me very well. It’s nice to not have to explain who Mrs. Potts is each time she’s mentioned (for the last time, she’s my 2008 Ford Focus). The relationship I have with my readers is close enough that I don’t have to explain some things. I’m not a celebrity. I’m a Lizy.

So, why do I blog now? With all of these readers? I think we can all agree that at this point, I’m doing more than just updating Mom.

Right now, the purpose of blogging things like the irks of my ex-boyfriend is comparable to the reason that singers belt out sensitive tunes that hit close to home.

I expose readers to my struggles because it helps me sort through them, and it allows for an outlet for the rest of the world to see what it takes to be a young person doing the things I do.

Of course, it is extremely difficult to portray the situation right every time. But I trust that my readers won’t assume that when I say “all Republicans are evil,” I don’t actually mean that as an all-encompasing statement. I think my readers are smarter than that.

I blog about sensitive things because to not do so would almost be a lie. I still use RPS to update others with what’s up in Lizyland. Sometimes things get tough, and so I name it aloud, and it feels a bit better.

And so, why do I blog now?

Because it is far, far easier for me to express myself in written words than it is verbally. And because it just feels freakin good. And, of course, Mom, Pat, and Susan still need to be updated.

If I wanted this to be a vehicle to seek sympathy, or to whine about life, or to entertain everyone who reads it, I promise I’d have a lot more readers.

I’d also probably take to Twitter. Because Twitter is #selfrighteous.


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One reply to “I Blog Because You Make Me

  1. Nancy Sassaman

    And we read because: it’s delightful to hear the “voice” of a committed humanitarian, being far from home is a situation that many of us recognize, your insights are perceptive and thoughtful, and we love you! Yes, writing is a remarkably apt way of communicating the complexities of life.

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