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How You, Yes You, Can Follow Me While I’m in Africa

May 1, 2015

This post is not going to be about anything particularly fun but we can still have fun if we all just sing a little diddy!

Just kidding please don’t sing.


Credit: National Geographic

When I move to Africa (because I’m moving to Africa, in case you somehow missed it) I would love to send my experiences back this way to keep everyone updated on the water sanitation efforts, to introduce you to the unbelievable Malian people, and so we can all laugh at where I’ll be going “number two” (important people sometimes accidently read my blog so I can’t say “poop”).

I’ve started a few social media pages but I don’t really care to update them very often. Who even uses Google+, anyway? I have been making great use of the Facebook page though and I’ve even been establishing a mediocre presence on Twitter.

The two beauties that were created as a result of last night’s insomnia, however, are incredible.

First, I’ve got a very official and grown up email. Subscribe me to every list. Send me a love letter so I don’t feel like I created it for nothing. The address is and this is going to be the best way to contact me from now until the rest of my life.

The other great thing I created is an EMAIL LIST OH MY GOSH. I’m not calling it a newsletter because it will be used extremely irregularly and it will be (almost) entirely used just to keep you notified when a new post goes up. And you guys know how rarely that happens, amiright?

I eventually plan on conclusively deviating from sharing posts on my personal Facebook page, so it is extremely important that you either “Like” the blog’s page or subscribe to the list or even do both so that you can be notified whenever I do something magical, boring, or otherwise normal.

Please convince me that my mom isn’t the only one who loves me. Subscribe to the list or send me an email. You don’t even have to like the Facebook page if you don’t wanna; I know it makes some of you tingly to let your friends see that you like me. I understand.

Oh yeah and here’s the sign up form:

* indicates required

Oh and since switching to the new comment form, you’ve all stopped commenting. Do I need to go back to the old one? Write me a comment and let me know. Ha. Just kidding I want an email.

One more thing! My family will be creating an open-invite Facebook group for everyone interested in hyper specific details of my travels. This will be operated rarely by me, but mostly by anyone who receives updates from me. What I’m saying is, my mom will be posting every time I call her. So if you want more intimate, more regular details, keep an eye out for that in the upcoming weeks. Or subscribe to the email list so you’ll definitely know when the group is created.

I more than just love you. I’m in love with you.