Weekend Highlights Include

Weekend Highlights Include

Both eyes are infected with pink eye and have been so for the past week. Is this real life?

Woke up Saturday morning at the buttcrack of dawn for what feels like the umpteenth weekend in a row. Why did I, knowing full-well that I am a night owl, sign up for a job that requires waking up at the buttcrack of dawn most Saturdays?

At 8:30 in the AM, I was already running late. I skipped showering – or any basic hygiene maintenance, for that matter – and scraped the goo that has been collecting around my eyes each night as a side effect of my double pink eye infection. I changed my clothes, put on deodorant, and bolted out the door.

Alaina and I headed over to the work project where we were leading three volunteers in painting a porch we had recently reconstructed. I dropped her off and made a run for a few more supplies, then headed over to the house at which I was dogsitting to pick up the place a bit before the dog’s owners got back from their trip that afternoon.

After socializing one last time with the 13-year-old gentleman I have bonded with for the last week, I locked up the house and returned to the work site. We wrapped up the project at 12:30 and my weekend had finally begun.

After lunch with Alaina, I returned to my glorious futon for a nap. After two hours of some incredibly colorful dreams and some more eye-goo collection, I received a text that Buddy the Dog’s owners will be home late and that we needed to give him dinner as well.

While we were taking care of Buddy’s evening responsibilities (we have to give him allergy pills in a pile of Cheez-Wiz. I shit you not.), we received the “so what’s tonight’s plan?” text from our homie, Joe.

Saturday evening was spent bowling with Joe, then hanging out at his place with hookah, wine, and some of the best salsa in the history of the universe.

Sunday morning: I scraped the eye goo away (which has now stained my pillow case several times), and headed over to Cafe Louisa for a latte and salad that I really can’t afford. I find all sorts of excuses to purchase lattes I can’t afford, but as Momma Kurtz knows, when I am sick or having a rough time there is no better cure for my dampened spirits. This double pink eye infection whose existence has been going on a week now has justified more than a few latte purchases.

The bulk of my Sunday will be spent here in Cafe L. Tonight, my friend Daniel is going to pin me down and apply my eye drops that I have been so stubbornly avoiding due to an extreme fear of anything eyeball-related. I also have plans of mooching off of a friend’s cable or coming back to Cafe L to get the internet so I can watch Game 7 of the Wings/Ducks adventure.

And then tomorrow, I’m going to wake up again at the buttcrack of dawn to go back to work.


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