Happiest at My Busiest

Happiest at My Busiest

Isn’t it absurd when people take on the world then vent about how there’s too much on their plate? I, personally, load up my life because I’m at my happiest when I’m at my busiest. A Liz with nothing to do is a truly awful Liz. Last week, with all its self-imposed responsibilities, was the pinnacle of greatness.

Life has been full in the best of ways, but things like folding my jeans after I take them off or maintaining my caffeine levels to a responsible dosage have fallen to the wayside. Today I am wearing a skirt and the jitteriness has subsided.

An unfortunately timed, simultaneous max exodus of coworkers from Prevail (all for delightful reasons, I should qualify) has translated into extra shifts in exchange for sleep or healthy eating. Forty hours of slinging iced lattes complimented twenty hours of making margaritas last week, in addition to all the help I could afford to give to the Montgomery Dragon Boat Festival. That, combined with full time schoolwork and a visit from KG herself, energized my soul and exhausted my bones.

I was surrounded by great people doing outstanding things. This coffee shop is important to me and I have a blast serving Mexican food to white people at El Rey. Andrew and Rebekah are some of my favorite people on the planet and Dragon Boats is the annual event that helps define their primary offering to the community. My madre sought out availability in her precious little vacation time to come volunteer for a day we all hold so dear. And, schoolwork? At eleven o’clock on Sunday night I was faced with the decision to allot time to get it in by the midnight deadline, or do a crossword and eventually fall asleep on the couch while listening to Mom and Andrew talk about life. I chose the latter and submitted my first late assignment.

On Sunday we all headed to the lake to enjoy brunch and several hours of splish splashing together, complete with dogs, inflatables, and a boat. We defined relaxation. The day was much needed after a marathon of on-taskedness.

(Speaking of marathons, my training has intentionally lapsed but will ramp back up in the upcoming week)

I was back at Prevail bright and early on Monday morning and bid my mom adieu mid-shift. I headed to El Rey after Prevail to assist in constructing margaritas for a night that turned out to be absolutely slammed. There’s no work on the schedule today, so I slept in all the way until 9 AM before washing the weekend out of my hair and heading back to the coffee shop as a customer to complete last week’s homework and continue work on a domain transfer for my latest web development project.

Today aside, the rest of this week is another full one. What I’ll be lacking in volunteering and mom time I’ll be making up for in schoolwork and personal projects. I’m thankful for dogs to come home to, friends who love me, free shift lattes, and free shift quesadillas. I strongly recommend working as a bartender or barista when getting your Masters; the perks beat health insurance any day.


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