Graciousness-ly, by Chris Tumilty

Graciousness-ly, by Chris Tumilty

Quality quantifies the cute, creative necessities in life
While holding on, firmly, to the harsher realities involved in Grace.

Grace gives a non-gender-specific guidepost to the revolutions of life
Grace gives a grade-scale that trumps the godless empire of our daily tasks.

And yet, Grace is the crazy, revolutionary child of a naturally predominant divinity
Granting gracious necessity to a life spoiled with pitfalls, trials, and tumbles.

Antisocial, in many respects, is Grace, but its overarching character is counterculture.
Counter to the cultural nonsense that life shows as a picturesque soap opera of formation.

The commodity of precious grace empties a frowning reservoir that dams life out of love
So we save grace, from the outward expression of revolutionary agenda.

Grace is reserved to an inward extension that we fortify within walls of skin and flesh
Refusing to extend a spiritual appendage that is complementary to our glorious creation.

Why such a refined quality is kept behind high walls…
Why a glory that fills rooms, theaters, planets, and lives can be contained…
And why grace can still stand unabridged.
Because grace is you
Because grace is freely given.

So give,

Chris Tumilty has a habit of flying to Israel and Palestine. He typically brings young people on his trips and is passionate about mentoring them through the tough waters of exploring one’s spirituality.

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One reply to “Graciousness-ly, by Chris Tumilty

  1. The Chief

    I am honored to say I know this poet. And he does indeed give, graciously.

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