Fall is Here, Smell the Air

Fall is Here, Smell the Air

I got to work ten minutes early and absentmindedly walked over to the cafe in the library and bought myself a latte. Damnit, I hate it when my brain turns off and the next thing I know I’m sipping on a delicious latte and $5 is suddenly missing from my wallet.

Just add this latte to today’s bill: with the arrival of fall, Potsdam is enjoying colder weather (I wore two jackets today!) and my feet are starting to notice. I bought myself a new pair of shoes today that will hopefully fill the gap in my closet between flip flops and rubber rain boots. I hope that when I pulled out my credit card in the middle of class to make my purchase my professor didn’t notice…

The village smells like fall, feels like fall, and makes me want to take naps with puppies and other warm bodies like it’s fall. Bring on the sweatpants and laziness and homemade beanies and cuddling and excessive amounts of oranges and browns and all those other good colors that make you want to drive to Canada just to order a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

I want to wear boots and crochet lots of things and hold hands and eat bagels and take naps and watch movies and eat so much popcorn I’ll get sick and swear I’ll never eat popcorn again. I love fall. I’m broke. Hey look at that, a segway to my next announcement…

The support page is up (edit from the future: this page doesn’t exist anymore)! Fall is a wonderful thing, but I needed to buy those shoes today because I literally have no pair that is appropriate for light rain (no, seriously). Today’s latte was a little bit of a slip up but I promise it’s an extremely rare one. If you ever want to put a little somethin’ in my tip jar just to say “hey, Lizy, keep up the sexy good work,” the links are there for all your tipping pleasures!


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