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This is the Stuff You Post on Facebook that I Hate

June 13, 2014

1. Angry, sarcastic, political anything that serves no purpose. I’m friends with far too many people who regularly post stuff that is incredibly hurtful to me. It’s no secret where my political allegiances lie, and everyone on Facebook knows that. So when someone posts something that’s “just supposed to be a joke” or “isn’t supposed to be taken so seriously,” I don’t find it funny that they’re posting stuff that blatantly makes fun of other people.

I love political debates on Facebook, I really do. But there are far too many of you out there who aren’t looking for a discussion. You’re just looking to piss off people who think differently than you, and that not only gets us nowhere, but it makes me never want to vote for anyone who agrees with you.

I love political satire as well. But the least we can do is be considerate of other opinions when we want to post something, because any other way looks like you’re just taking a swing and running away.

2. Incredibly vague, passive aggressive statuses. “Some people never change…smh” and “thinking of someone…” are great examples.

3. Too many updates, all about nothing It usually references things like grocery shopping, taking a long nap, nights in with “the babe” that actually seem incredibly boring to the rest of the world…

4. Improper grammar and spelling. We’re not just talking casual internet speak here, folks. I love the use of “lol” and spelling things creatively without a professor marking it up with a red pen as much as the next person. But I’m pretty sure most of my Facebook friends finished 5th grade, so I should be able to hold them to a fifth grade standard. It’s especially annoying when they’re trying to be taken seriously and say something like “ya i mean gay or str8 dont mater wut maters is in ur <3 u no?" <-- I had to try really hard to come up with that, and I still don't feel like I did it justice. 5. Improper use of caps. Is it just me, or does this problem mostly plague older Facebook users? I’m just saying I feel like there’s a major difference between “lol” and “LOL,” and us youngin’s know what it is.

6. Self-praising, arrogant, not-actually-that-impressive brags. Facebookland is exactly where you should be exercising any bragging rights you’ve earned. But “omg I totally just cleaned the toilet and didn’t gag!!!” is not something I care about.

7. #tbt. I’m not sure I have an actual reason for hating “Throwback Thursday” posts. I giggle at some, but I find that most of the time people post pictures of themselves from not that long ago that are uninteresting to the rest of us because they don’t look that different than they do now.

8. And, of course, boring stuff.You know what I mean. The pictures in which nothing is actually happening. The selfies without even so much as a funny outfit on (how dare they!). The posts that are very clearly “here’s a boring picture of my food, a conceited picture of myself, or a picture of the landscape.” I expect to be entertained by all of my Facebook friends each and every time I log on, dang it!

I’m sure there’s more stuff that I haven’t thought of. What do you hate on Facebook?