Do I Have an Accent?

Do I Have an Accent?

For those of you who have not stalked my mom’s or my Facebooks recently, the next adventure in my life has been named.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I received an email from the folks in New Orleans considering taking me on as an AmeriCorps member. After several rounds of interviews and coordinating references, cover letters, and resumes, I finally had an email updating me on my employment status.

They were “sorry to inform” me that “unfortunately,” they were “unable to offer me a job at this time.”

Needless to say, that put a damper on my Thanksgiving break.

I spent my several days of vacation time pondering my future. Was I doomed to live in my childhood bedroom and work at a Taco Bell forever?

The Monday after break I received another AmeriCorps-telling-me-my-future-themed email. Montgomery, Alabama wanted to know when I was available for an interview.

I was interviewed that Thursday.

I was offered a job that Friday.

Ladies, gentlemen, and lantlemen: I am moving to Montgomery, Alabama this January to work as an AmeriCorps volunteer. I will be helping coordinate groups of volunteers coming in to help work on house repairs for low-income homeowners.

This is me patting myself on the back.


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