Be a Celebrity

Be a Celebrity

I am madly, unforgivingly, wildly passionate about blogging. I find it an incredible storytelling tool and a great way to share our perspectives with each other. Social media can only get us so far.

Red Pointe Shoe and Captain Liz Kurtz are open to those who want to share their story. I pay for these domains and it’s silly to only use them for myself. Submissions with a travel influence will likely be posted to Captain Liz Kurtz and all others will stay here.

Your post(s) can be anything you like. You can rant, tell a story, write a poem, submit a billion photos, or even write a sermon. You do not need to be experienced with web design; I’ll do all the coding and work with you to make sure it looks exactly how you want.

One more thing: This is completely free. I simply love reading what others have to say.

Ready to Submit Something?

If you’d like to be a celebrity, shoot me an email at with either your concept or your entire post, if you’ve got it. I’ll work with you to make sure it’s formatted right and it won’t go live until you give me the green light. After that, you’re internet famous.

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