It’s Overwhelming How Awesome My Life Is

It’s Overwhelming How Awesome My Life Is

After a week of job training in DC followed by a week of work projects in Oklahoma City, I’m finally back in Montgomery. I arrived on Saturday and have been camping out at my boss’s place for a couple days; I just got into my apartment today.

Fantastic though she is, Mrs. Potts was unable to transport all of my furniture from Potsdam and I am hanging out in a big, empty apartment until further notice. I’m borrowing an air mattress for the time being (one step up from my futon?) until I can start filling in the rest of the place with furniture. Until then, I think it’s fair to say that I have no complaints about what’s currently my dance studio disguised as a one-bedroom apartment.

As I was moving all my stuff from Mrs. Potts to the new place, I was randomly stopped by two cars who rolled down their windows to talk to me: a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses wondering if I knew any blind people in the area that want to learn how to read the Bible, and a city official wondering if I stole my Elizabeth Lane street sign from somewhere in the area.

No, I know no blind people in Montgomery who are eager to learn how to read the Bible.

No, my ex stole this for me off a back road in San Diego, California.

Rossi, I’m not in Kansas anymore.

Job starts tomorrow and the furniture hunt continues all week.


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