And Then I Finished Packing and Moved to Montgomery, Alabama

And Then I Finished Packing and Moved to Montgomery, Alabama

As Red Pointe Shoe celebrates it’s second birthday, the next chapter of my life begins.

I packed up Mrs. Potts with everything I could fit on Wednesday. I kissed Potsdam goodbye and totally kept my cool. If you define “keeping your cool” as being an emotional mess, that is.

Red Pointe Shoe was started as a way to keep people back home in California updated on my college shenanigans in upstate New York. Last month I graduated, and this month I moved away from New York to begin my next adventure.

I currently sit in Montgomery, Alabama, getting ready to spend my first night in my new playground.

I hope I get a post up soon dedicated entirely to my beautiful snowglobe called Potsdam. For now, it’s sleepytime down South. Tomorrow’s agenda includes visiting the church that Robert E. Lee attended, checking out the first white house of the Confederacy, and seeing the Greyhound bus station where I heard there was a riot over a boycott or something. This southern belle needs her beauty sleep.

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