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August 23, 2012


John, a broad-shouldered Italian man, arrived two days ago and represents the first of 8 roommates who will be pouring into my house this week. And he brought with him his girlfriend (hi Ali!) and quite possibly the most pathetically precious kitten I have ever seen. I can’t even handle how adorable my house is right now. The kitten, who will be living illegally downstairs (landlady: please disregard this post), has a broken leg and needs my love and attention until his human mom gets here on Sunday. I guess I’ll just have to have the cutest snuggle buddy in the world for a couple of nights. Woe is me.

Zach: please sleep on the couch if you don’t want to sleep with the kitten. Yes, I’m picking an 8-week-old over you.

Max is the next roommate who will be arriving, and his broken body should be at my house by the time I get off work today. Can you imagine how cute he will be with his back brace when he hangs out with the kitten in his leg cast? Again, my house is absolutely the cutest thing in the world right now.

Kitten, with his giant purple leg cast. I can’t even handle it.