Hi. Did you miss me?

Words cannot adequately describe how much I’ve longed telling you all about my life and having you all tell me how wonderful I am. I had a post about bacon tacos ready to go on April 2nd, 2012, when…boom. I couldn’t upload and tell you all about it.

Did any of you catch the funny line in the very last post I made before RPS broke for what felt like the length of my college career? I made an April Fool’s joke that the site would be should down. I will never ever ever not in a zillion years make that joke again.

Don’t worry, I kept the post from April 1st (my last post, which kids about shutting down the blog) and April 2nd (which mentions bacon tacos and references a post about tacocopters several days prior…because I was clearly on a taco kick that week…) for your taco-reading pleasures.

So this is what happened…
RPS is designed on a program on my adorable little Netbook (my Netbook’s name is Goat), then I pay a website a few bucks each month to give me my domain name (“www.redpointeshoe.com”) and upload it to the world wide web (this fancy thing they invented for the sheer purpose of my blog, Facebook, and checking my school bill so my eyes can pop out of their sockets on a daily basis). The publisher (that’s the site that I give $ to) stopped supporting my program (where all the magic happens) and either didn’t give me proper notification or they did give me proper notification and I was irresponsible and didn’t notice. Either way, notification was not adequately met and voila: no more RPS.

So I’m like: Cool. I’ll just not have a blog for a couple months, take my laptop to my magical parents when I visit in July, smile sweetly, and have them work their parent magic and have them fix it (and to think I can survive without them). I shit you not, two days before I fly out to Los Angeles, my laptop screen broke. Like…for reals. I can’t even…ugh.

Then Dad is like “I’m a superhero! Let me just fix this right up and I’ll send it back to you after you go back to Potsdam.” My dad is the best. More details on this later.

Goat arrives with a fabulously-working screen sometime in early August. However, the problem with my publisher is not fixed yet. Cool. A three hundred dollar machine that I can play FreeCell on, check Facebook, and review my student bill. I poke around my publishing site a bit and it turns out I could have had this problem fixed if I only gave a new publisher 56 stinkin dollars back in April. I didn’t have time to check my bank account to see if I even had $56 before I realized my fingers were already making the payment (and yes, I ended up with an overdraft fee. You’re welcome for paying the bill and an overdraft fee to Wells Fargo so you can all read about my life).

After all the money and authorization codes to verify that I wasn’t stealing my own website had been exchanged, my new publisher tells me I gotta wait 5-7 business days to confirm the transfer of the domain from Publisher A to Publisher B. So here I am, on Day 3, typing up this post with my finger on the Publish button so I can update RPS the second I see that the transfer has gone through. Like, the process isn’t even done, and I’m writing this post.

Between April Fools Day and now, this has happened:
I moved into a new apartment with a wonderful landlady (I’m sorry that you all will be missing out on the shitty landlord posts).

Matthew and Nikki’s wedding ceremony took place, which I flew home for in July (laptopless). Nikki is pregnant!

I turned 21. It is probably a good thing that I did not update you on what when down that night. Perhaps I’ll make a post sometime soon about some the fun things that happened that day (edited for mother-, bishop-, and professor-appropriateness, of course). Until then, I will let you know that I most definitely did not feel well when I woke up.

That’s it, kids. I was looking forward to giving you all the 1-year Rapunzel update. I was looking forward to blogging drunk on my birthday. I have lived by myself all summer and only wanted to love you all, but unfortunate circumstances have kept us apart. I solemnly promise to not let this happen again…or at least not when the time frame might cover a major birthday, a wedding, and a pregnancy. Virtual hugs to everyone who asked me about the blog when they noticed I stopped posting. Hell, you all get virtual kisses, too. MWAH!!



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