Billiards tournament today. And we all know: I never miss a billiards tournament.

If I win, I think everyone I know should give me $20. If I lose, I get to take a nap.

I just scheduled my last advising appointment for my BA degree in Politics. I’m growing up. But before I get all “omg I’m old” in this post, I think I’ll go win me a pool tournament.

Post-Tournament Update:
I lost. I kinda figured I wouldn’t win because…well, I suck. And given by the lack of money that has appeared in my PayPal over the last two hours, you all thought I would suck too.

I lost to Gary, and Gary is an asshole. Ever since I made it clear that I won’t date him and I am not charmed in any way by him, and because I left the on-campus club he started, he has decided to stop talking to me altogether and pretend I don’t exist. I don’t know why people do that; you don’t have to be friends with me…but we know each other, and acknowledging the other’s existence is kinda the norm with people who know each other. He didn’t even say a word to me the entire round nor shook my hand after he won. He is the sorest winner I have ever known.

At least the people in the ice cream place downstairs gave me free ice cream and a cookie after I lost. I like the icecream people more than I like Gary.

Nap time. Feel free to give me $20 anyway.


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