“If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for America,” -Rick Santorum

I don’t even need to rant about the above quote for you to understand how fantastic, ignorant, and hilarious it is.

FANTASTIC NEWS! The Financial Aid office called me the other day and offered me an extension of this year’s financial aid to pay off the rest of my tuition! I have been paying it in increments, which they have noticed, and they called me up and extended me an offer of a Federal Loan to pay off the last few hundred of this semester because they can tell I have been chipping away at it but only in small payments. Woohoo!

And now, about that Chicago story I promised you…

When Ben and I arrived it had been roughly a day and a half since the last time either of us had either eaten or slept properly. I figured we would buy some energy drinks, grab a bite to eat, then head over to the hostel for a good night’s sleep before tackling the next day. What actually happened: Ben and I meet at the tallest building in America, he tells me there is a hockey game going on that started an hour prior and we might be able to see the last few minutes of it, and we walked 5 miles to the game.

Upon arrival the security guard told us we couldn’t enter the game for free because the last period hadn’t even started yet, and we had to have tickets to enter. Just then two gentlemen exited the building. The security guard nudged us and told us to go ask them for their tickets. After giving Ben a little bit of shit for wearing his Michigan sweatshirt, the gentlemen handed over their tickets. We watched the last period, overtime, and shoot-off of a Blackhawks v. Blues game…for free.

And we had only been in Chicago for a handful of hours.

The rest of our trip, tired and broke though we were, was incredible as well. I think Ben and I need to find our way back to the city again…we only got a taste of what Chicago has to offer and were on the most limited of limited budgets. But have no fear! We still ate our weights in Chicago-style hot dogs and Chicago-style deep dish pizzas.

I think, at this point, it is safe to say that if you closed your eyes and imagined lots of silly things that two twentyish-year-old siblings do when they haven’t seen eachother for a while and are turned loose on one of America’s biggest cities, Ben and I probably did it in the 48 hours we were there.

One last final thought: I just ended my last college spring break. What!? I’m growing up!

…and I think I might be ok with that. So long as my post-college life includes lots of stupid adventures like this one anyway. And I assure you: it will.


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