I’m on Navy Pier right now in Chicago, Illinois. Ben just dropped me off and we went our separate ways. We’ve been texting each other for a few minutes and have agreed that buying a rather large bottle of Pepto Bismol would be a great idea for each of us (the Chicago-style hotdogs we ate for dinner last night are not sitting well in our tummies).

I suppose I’ll have some sort of a more thorough update later. For now I’m very sleepy and am very excited about taking a nap in this MacDonald’s until I get kicked out. I have 7 hours until my train leaves to usher me back to New York, and another 22 hours after that before I arrive in my village. I have always stood by the statement that sometimes…you just need a vacation from your vacation.

I’m pooped (and that has little to do with my digestive problems right now from last night’s hotdog). Chicago story later. Naptime in MacDonald’s now.


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